life, as told by hops.

This weekend was full of french fries, laughing until I teared up, finding ourselves in an underground club by complete accident, brewery tours, inappropriate and loud games of cards for humanity while indian style on dirty floors, watching youtube diaries of complete strangers, staying up all night telling secrets, waiters with weird tattoos and missing teeth, cocktails with flowers, snuggling, and running and dancing through the pouring rain with 3 of my oldest and dearest friends.

It’s weekends like this last one that reminds me how fun life is. And how nice it feels to be around the people who are as close as family where you don’t have to think before you talk and you don’t have to brush your hair for 3 days. To have people around you who make a simple trip to lunch into a great memory. And who remind you how to laugh without fear of tomorrow- because all you need is playing out right before you.


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