Hannah from Cottonwood Road Blog and I decided to team up for a photo challenge. We have both recently been inspired by photographers that shoot the everyday (check out  A Year of Mornings) and decided we’d like to challenge ourselves to do the same. We shot one picture every day for 15 days, each picking our 10 favorites to share. Through these images, we hoped to bring celebration to the ordinary and realize that everything around us in life is art.


day 6-4138 day 7-4321 day1-3787 day4-3946 ellababy-4610 ellababy-4754 props-3858 props-3881 untitled-4383 untitled-4509Kendall’s

I decided to focus my challenge on the simple things that give me peace and solitude. As a lover of all things vintage, I aimed my photography, over the last 15 days, to look like it had been shot with film. While it’s currently popular in photography to blow up the exposure to have that bright clean whiteness of an image, I have been studying the personality of film, which plays with shadows and has intrigue in the darkness.


lifescape-2695lifescape-2720lifescape-2688 lifescape-2761

lifescape-2971 lifescape-2787lifescape-3014-2 lifescape-3022 lifescape-3048

Hope you’re staying more dry than I am today.


5 thoughts on “Lifescape.

  1. Once upon a time, I’m supposed to be working but I’m looking at all your freaking incredible pictures. I know nothing about art but I’m so impressed by how much you know and how passionate you are about it. Your description of how you’re taking pictures the vintage way is seriously something I would never be able to wrap my mind around. Thanks for loving me and being my bestie even though I’m so much more left brained than you can probably stand sometimes.

  2. Why are you so good at what you do? The Lord gave the right side of your brain an extra thousand pounds of love and left me so left-heavy I’m falling over. But you have a way of making me appreciate art that would typically be unnatural to me. Maybe it’s cuz you’re my bestie but mostly I think it’s cuz you capture the most beautiful things. I love you!

  3. Yes, Kendall, I have to agree with Tessa…seeing as though we both epically failed at tapping into our right side of our brains this past weekend 😉 Ken, you are so creative and everything you do is beautiful and unique! It’s inspiring to see how you cherish the little things in life and see everything with creative vision.

  4. I think both of you gals are extremely talented! The pictures are just gorgeous and you both can seemingly make anything look beautiful and interesting. When do we get to see more?

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