Rome: Day 2

The wet crusader in a city of clown cars and marble wonders.

Saturday November 23, 2013// 10:31pm

Well, we quite literally did “Rome in a day”. This city is chalk full of history. It’s crazy to be surrounded by buildings that are over 500 hundred years old. We did the “Caesar Shuffle”- starting with visiting the Vatican City, which is it’s own COUNTRY inside of Italy. Inside, we saw the Vatican museums and the Sistine chapel. The beauty was almost overwhelming. I couldn’t even fully take in the magnitude of the artwork work around me. Every square inch from the ground we walked on to the expansive ceilings were gilded, carved and painted to a maddening perfection. This city could keep even the most fidgety traveler satisfied and eyes entertained. We also visited the Spanish steps (I would have skipped this one due to our tight schedule) and the Trevi fountain (a beautiful must see).

There is heated debate between whether Lonely Planet or Rick Steves is a better literary tour guide. Clint and I are team Rick- his style of writing is like reading recommendations from a friend and peppered with racy humor (which you know I love). He led us to a small italian restaurant for some fried cheese and spaghetti. Afterward, we picked up some wine at a local market and went home to rest our aching feet.

It rained the ENTIRE day- which I honestly thought was quite charming at first, romantically damp and sidewalks full of lovers holding each other tight under colored umbrellas. And it was all fun and games until the temperature dropped to 30 and the water was so deep on the sidewalks that it completely flooded my shoes and I was left to slosh in freezing water for a few miles with my drenched hair and coat. This was about the time that Clint probably had a small panic attack about the trip- wondering why he brought a sun loving girl to Europe in the winter.

Tomorrow we leave for Tuscany.


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2 thoughts on “Rome: Day 2

  1. I love the picture with you in front of the tree… it is like you are deciding where to go next, while the tree is looking over your shoulder with you completely unaware.

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