As some of you may have followed on Instagram, I recently went to Marfa with Maddie to shoot some Free People pieces for their social media/fpme. I’ll be excited to share some of the photos we got once we have them submitted and approved by the company.

Until then- in a bout of insomnia yesterday, I decided to stay up until 5 am and put a video together of our road trip.

10 hours there.

10 hours back.

And tee pees, one legged motorcyclists, running in empty highways, open mic night, a pound of cheezits, playing the piano with strangers, getting stranded in the desert with no gas, and lots (and lots) of twirling in between.




XO, K.

5 thoughts on “Marfa.

  1. Hi. I’m the first to comment. And I love it. What was in Maddie’s cup she was sippin on? 🙂 Everyday I think, how are you friends with me? The least artistic most in a box person with matching pants and earrings. Love you

  2. Loved the music with this… absolutely fit! So, if I am to gather from the video, Marfa consists of 1) a taco stand, 2) a Prada store, and lastly 3) a tee-pee.

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