why writing matters.

Listen. I just need to write this so I can publish a post.

I’ve fallen off the writing wagon. And every time I sit down to write, I have this pesky, quite believable voice in my ear telling me I have nothing to say worth writing. That, after not publishing a post in months, woman- this better be good.

So here I am. Just posting something so I can tell that voice to shut up mind it’s own business.


I will also lend you a few resources to get you back on the wagon, too.

Sean Wes podcast: this guy is pretty fantastic. I actually sat next to him at Circles Conference and had no idea I was shoulder to shoulder with a celeb in the design world. He gave me his business card and told me about his podcast archive. I checked it out and dang. I listen to his podcasts all the time. Seriously. While I’m doing laundry, working, driving, cooking (ha! I don’t cook.) and they are always super inspiring to get up and do something with your talents.

THIS PODCAST is no different. Listen to it on your way to work, and you’ll be journaling by lunch.

If You Find This Letter: by Hannah Brencher.

This book, while a bit romantic, is a wonderfully honest [and real] story of how Hannah lost her way in the world, and sorted it out through writing letters to absolute strangers. It reminds you that your words make an impact, and that we’re all just humans craving genuine connection through them.

You can grab it HERE. And we can have our own little book club.
I hope you pick up a pen soon. Your words matter.




2 thoughts on “why writing matters.

  1. Oh WOW. You sat next to Sean?! Uber jealous, that is insanely awesome. He got me into podcasts. He is such an inspiration, I don’t know how he does it (clearly a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but just on a whole other level). I completely understand the addiction to his podcasts, he really inspired me to elevate my business mindset and game. If you enjoy his, I’d also recommend the Working Out podcast, they’re great too if you don’t listen to it already (I also love their accents) 🙂

  2. Just visiting your blog since I haven’t in awhile. A perfect day to see this post, thanks as always Kendall! ❤

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