Who I am

Hello there.

My name is Kendall Hanna and I am a caffeine based life form that does a little bit of everything. Photographer, graphic designer, writer and blanket hogger. Currently designing stores for Free People and producing good design for good people.

Thank you for stopping by.


13 thoughts on “Who I am

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  2. Hello Beauty!
    My name is Dominique. I saw you pop up on IG and fell in love with your style. I’m a hair stylist and specialize in braiding and all things bo-Ho. Just though I’d introduce myself. If you ever need a stylist please let me know. I’d love to collab! Big kiss!

  3. I would love to start blogging and love yours! How did you start? I would love to be able to wear clothing from Free People and post about it! If they’re in need of any models for that type of stuff please let me know! ๐Ÿ˜˜

  4. Hi Kendall! Sarah of 30DaysNoMakeup here.
    Thanks for liking our post last night! You don’t happen to know a Ruthi Auda, do you? She did store design/display for Anthro a few years ago.. then for Hurley and Nike in the LA area.
    Anyhow, I would LOVE to connect with you about our movement! Love your work. xx

  5. So you just commented on my Instagram (haha sorry I’m so weird) but after looking around you are just so cool – let’s be internet friends. I’d love to chat about your blog and hear about how you got started!

    The site looks great!

  6. Hello darling!
    My name is Dominique. I’m hair stylist/braiding/gypsy woman from LA and such a huge fan of you. I just wanted to reach out and tell you that 1: your work is beautiful and inspiring and 2: I would love to work with you if you ever need HMU. I left my website in the inquiry and am also on the instagrams @dominiquecalvillo so you can get a feel. Hope to hear from you!
    Be beautiful on the inside, it’ll find its way out

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