Another one in the books.

Happy 2011. I go in and out of deciding whether or not to cover my day-to-day life, or scan over the general feel of my existence as I’m going through it. For a post wrapping up a year, I feel like I needed to sit down and think about what the last 365.. well 372 since this post is late.. were defined as for me.

In resume form, I could say:

I’ve successfully finished my hardest semester in college with almost all A’s, moved into a house that I pay for myself, became an officer of a sorority, moved up in my office, got engaged, wrote for a newspaper, created (and kept up with!) a successful blog, made it into my 20’s with only one broken bone, changed my major, became a regular volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House and Cooks Childrens Hospital, started photography, learned how to bake, grew my hair out the longest (and healthiest) it’s been since jr. high, was put on the dean’s list for academic achievement, and learned how to be a better friend and sister (hopefully).

I also, on the other end of the spectrum:

(we can’t have the highs without the lows).. I got my first speeding ticket, gained 5 lbs, fell in love with designer purses and shoes, caused my parents some new grey hairs (and the first of my own), and lost the time for my dear friend; running.

But something that I learned this year (ironically) is that life can not be defined by a list of accomplishments or defeats. For years, I’ve been caught up on making sure that my list of awards outweigh my downfalls on the golden scale of my life. While this year has been successful on paper, it has been quite the year trying to figure myself out, and stumbling a lot emotionally along the way. For a while, I felt like a failure that I couldn’t get it ironed out enough to display to the world and confidently say “this is what defines me”. But I’ve really learned, and continue learning, how beautiful of a thing it is to let go of what others want in your life, and just live it on your own. I’ve really rid myself of a lot of checkmarks in my life that I felt were absolutely necessary to be a “good” or “successful” person on paper, and I can genuinely say that I’ve never accomplished more in a year of my life once it was gone. I may not have a smile plastered on my face at all times these days, but I promise that the girl you sit down and have a conversation with is the real me.. whether you like it or not. (Even though I hope you do!)

I’m so excited to see where I am this time next year, because the change in my life is going to be wild. And I’m so excited. So. Stinkin. Excited.

So bring it on, 2011.

More pictures of the weekend.

The non profit event was alot of fun, and we got to hear live music and talk with a bunch of different people. I ended up knowing a few through friends that I have in Dallas. What a small world. The pumpkin spice latte was to die for, and the music was wonderful.

Then, as if the creme, sugar, and caffiene weren’t enough, we went and got donuts for dinner. Not that I was complaining..

On Clint’s street, there is an electic wire that holds tons of different shoes. I’ve heard that back in the day, they used to throw certain types of shoes on the wires as a sign of what times of drugs were in the area.

This is of my sorority winning the best homecoming float award. We got 500 dollars, which goes towards paying for the supplies we used and other events.

The following are pictures I took today of the Christmas decorations that I helped put up all around campus. DBU is so splendid in the winter.

In our chapel lobby

Here are some other random ones from the weekend- enjoy.

One more final and I’m DONE!

the wrong end of a telescope

I have to register for my classes for next semester this week, and I have alot of big decisions to make as for what I’m going to do with my major/minor. This is the last opportunity I have to make any big changes without it hitting my college savings too hard, and I want to make sure I’m doing what I really should. Updates on that later.

Birthday happenings are over, and it’s back to the grind.. and hard. I’m swimming in school work, but I’ve gotten used to these waves of sleepless nights.

Other random thoughts: I just paid off my first speeding ticket. I spent my entire saturday night alone, cleaning the entire town home in which I took 10.. yes TEN.. trips out to the dumpster and back.. but it feels so good to have a clean room/house and all of the month’s worth of laundry done. I am volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house tomorrow to serve dinner to the families of the sick children at Cooks. I found a wedding dress online that I love. I have really been able to mentor my littles, and it’s been a blessing to me. I made Clint a star wars halloween basket complete with Yoda bucket, darth vador helmet, clickable yoda quote pens, and candy.. (see I can be domestic sometimes). Annnnndddd a quote that I like:

“I like nonsense,

it wakes up the brain cells.

Fantasy is a necessary

ingredient in life.

It’s all the ways of looking

at life

through the wrong end of a


Which is what I do,

And that enables you

to laugh

at life’s realities.”

Dr. Seuss

birthday week commencement

Thank goodness that all my bulky tests were last week instead of this one, because I am celebrating my concievement with a wonderful 6-8 hours of sleep every night this week. I can’t tell you how spoiled I feel to get that.

Yesterday, I had a 4 page rough draft due in my English Literature class that I had pulled together on a last minute whim, and was dreading having to hand in a less than satisfactory paper and class was canceled, leaving the afternoon free for the first time in ages. I went running on the nature trails near my school with Buffy, and then we treked off to downtown Dallas to study in a coffee shop. With Buffy hankerin some sushi, and continually reminding me that it was almost her birthday so she just HAD to have it,  we fought like vultures over the coveted seats on the outside patio of Kona (a nice sushi restraunt connected to North Park, and our house’s personal favorite) for happy hour where you can get a roll for only 3 bucks. With seating so limited, and people being abrasive to the point of asking people to leave so they could sit down, we decided to accept an offer extended to us to share a table with an older couple. We sat and talked about movies, life, college…kids.It was so interesting to be sitting having dinner with complete strangers, but I enjoyed the conversation over my California roll, watching multiple other couples walking around, eagerly spying to see if we had yet to get our ticket. After leaving, we got back to school for an 11pm prayer meeting with our littles which consisted of a group worship (I can’t think of a more wonderful sound than 40 girls beautiful voices coming together under the stars to praise God). Then we broke off into small groups with our littles, and I really got some valuable, real time with my girls. I have been really trying to break my selfishness as much as possible lately, and really pour into other people, and I think that having littles has really stretched me in that way. When I got home, Lindsey had gotten us sprinkles cupcakes that said “happy birthday kendall and buffy” on them, our roomates sang happy birthday to us, and she gave us Henri Bendel contact cases. They are beyond a luxury for something as insignificant as holding your contacts when you travel, but at least it will inspire me to take out my contacts more often and keep my eye doctor happy. I’m working today, and then going to dinner with everyone for a combined birthday celebration for everyone who’s birthday is in october. Like, can we find another reason to celebrate anything at all? And later is Midnight Madness which marks the first basketball game of the season, which is a huge party/pep rally and game starting at.. you guessed it.. midnight. This has always fallen on my birthday, and it’s so fun to have the first minute of my birthday being marked with streamers, flashing lights, a load buzzer, screaming, and thousands of big foam hands and dbu perifanalia waving in the air in patriot spirit.

Life is better than it has been in a long time, and I’m trying to hold on to every second of it.

– my contact case. You unzip it and it has the contact holder and small bottle for solution. Thanks linds!


hats off to the camera man

A good friend of mine is a photographer, and has offered to do our engagment pictures.. FOR FREE! Here’s a sneak peak at a few pictures from another engagment shoot he did that I fell in love with. EEEEE!

Like- I just HAVE to get a nikon. And then hop in Carrie (my trusty Corolla), and embark on an adventure to snap pictures of everything beautiful. Maybe if I save enough, santa could pitch in for some on Christmas? Eh? Eh?

In other news, one of my roomates works for a congressmen who is hosting a party at North Park tonight, and I get to be her date. It’s $150 a head, but we get in free! It includes free dinner at Luna and a private viewing of the new movie Secretariat, along with getting to meet/ hang out with all of the political figures of dallas for the night.

Birthday announcements: My momma’s birthday was yesterday- so I’d like to give a little bloggin’ love to my sister in crime. My 20th is coming up in t-minus 3 days.  Andddd my birthday is sandwiched between 2 of my bestfriends birthdays on the 14th and 16th, so I’m just full of concievement day cheer.

So, I have a few new trinkets in my life that I will have to photo document and share with you all, but until then;

Horas ma ate. Veda. Czesc. Sayonara. Adiós. Good bye.

EDIT: Here is the tshirt design that I made for my alpha delta kappa girls. It is a spoof off of “Keep Calm and Carry On”- a poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of WW2, to raise the morale of the British public in the case of invasion. It is just a reminder to not be afraid of the enemy, in any form: that fear can not run our lives, but we must walk in confidence. A stretch, I know, for a bunch of sorority girls to represent (as you’re probably picturing tubes of lipstick being bombed down on us), but I can assure you that every woman in that organization has seen her own share of fear and battle. They are currently shipping, but will be here Thursday. It’s actually placed on an American Apparel Vneck in “sea foam” (which isn’t exactly depicted here- more of a baby blue I’d say), with royal purple text.

tour de tejas

I’m writing you now from the inside of the governor’s room in Austin, Texas. While fall break has freed me of most scholarly burdens, I am still plagued with a huge accounting project (shakes fist in the air), therefore I am studying with all the UT students while I secretly smile inside that I’m on a break and they’re not. Getting here today was quiet the journey, though. I have been feeling very queezy all day from a bad meal from the night before, but when one of my roomates announced that she was driving to austin today, and she had a free seat, I decided that my stomach was going to have to tough it out for the sake of saved gas money. Within 20 minutes of driving, I am blowing chunks on the side of the highway. Around the 4th time of my face becoming friends with grassy medians, I was extremely embarrassed and mumbling multiple mortified sorrys between new pieces of gum and mouth rinses. But I’m here, and just recently stomached my first meal of the day. I’m sorry if you were trying to eat while reading this. In other news, it is austin city limits this weekend, with days of concerts and festivities, so many of my good friends will be coming down here to play with me while Clint’s in class. I will also be visiting my bestfriend, Corie, tomorrow at A&M for some 2-steppin at her favorite country dance place. Hopefully our other bestfriend, Hannah, will be able to join us one night this weekend to go out to eat for my birthday. Speaking of birthdays, this last weekend was absolutely wonderful. Since the other weekends were busy around my birthday, Clint surprised me early, and I will tell you what, that boy knows how to spoil a girl. He took me jet skiing, to Rudy’s (which was my first time there, and I was sold after I figured out you didn’t use plates, and you got to eat with your hands), out to eat at Oasis later that night, and then out to some live music in downtown austin. I got the North Face backpack I had been wanting, along with some other goodies including some nike shorts and tyler’s shirt. Well, I have to finish and submit the tshirt order for the new greek life tshirts I designed before midnight, so until next time, I hope you have a wonderful week.

AND; thought I’d leave some pictures of some recent adventures.

  Got to spend some time with my cousins at a concert held at my school.

Out to eat with some of my roomates. Left to right- Buffy, Jennifer, Lindsey, muaahhhhh.