If you live above a Wendys.

And remember, no matter where you go, there you are. Confucius.

I am lacking any sort of creative way to lead into this entry. So we’re going to skip all of the fancy introductions and just catch you up on the most recent happenings.

1. Galveston. This was last weekend’s… for lack of a better word… adventure. It was your typical college trip that consisted of:

-10 irresponsible adolescents all trekking across Texas

-Clint forgetting most of what he needed to bring except for his bath towel that was monogrammed with his name, which later became the butt of most jokes. Ie: “Oh, Clint didn’t bring any sunscreen? Well, tell him to bring over his monogrammed towel to cover up my shoulders then.”

-4 stops at wendy’s. I don’t think I’ve eaten at wendy’s 4 times in my entire life combined, and I had enough wendy’s fries in 72 hours to put me into cardiac arrest, while Clint rattles off facts about wendy’s with his claim to fame that he, in fact, lived ABOVE a wendy’s his freshman year in college.

-finding out that the campsite that we were going to be staying at was an hour away from the tournament we were playing at early in the morning, so a consecutive 2am vote left me sleeping on the beach… on top of the tarp of a broken tent because..

-since the tents were set up with nothing more than moon light, the tent poles just “happened” to break, which of course, was none of the males faults that were trying to set it up. So, I bravely, and without a choice, slept on the sandy remains of a 5 person tent. And by slept, I mean laid awake all night beside Katie shivering all night.

-4 sleepless hours later, it’s time for our nappy heads to run around in 105 degree heat in our bathing suits in the name of Ultimate Frisbee. Try making your stomach look any type of attractive when you’re making sharp enough side cuts to make a model jiggle.

-But I’m a boy, and I put our matching team bandana around my head (which, I later found, to be the only 2 inches on my body that didn’t burn), laced up my Nikes, and made it my mission to be faster than whatever girl I was against (it didn’t really even matter if I actually made contact with the Frisbee, as long as I beat the other girl to it).

-The tournament lasted into the scorching hours of the day, and we survived off of luke warm water gallons that had been purchased at walmart the day before by one of the boys.. along with pickles, jumbo marshmallows, gushers, and cheese. Cough.

– We celebrated losing the tournament with delicious Mexican food at a restraunt called Salsa’s. I was happy to be venturing away from American burgers for the first time since we had left Dallas.

-After dinner, we only proved ourselves to be in college even more when half of the group decided that it was the second best idea they had ever had to go to a hotel lobby to take a nap and play chess, since everything we owned was now buried under the sand, and the other half resorted to sucking it up and taking a nap on a sand crisp that was formerly a pillow. As you can imagine, I was conveniently riding in the car with the people who sucked it up.

-The rest of the night consisted of losing one of the younger brothers of our friend, sending out a search party, only to find him at a highschool bonfire birthday party getting a piggy back ride from a girl twice his size. I didn’t ask questions.

– The rest of the trip was packing up, finishing off the nutritional gushers, stopping at sam Houston to take a picture with his big head, and slather copious amounts of aloe on our crispy bodies, all while listening to “Turtle neck and chain” on repeat.

Other events include:

-Getting my house carpeted. No, you don’t have a bad memory. Yes, this was done just 10 months ago, but DBU isn’t looking into saving money anytime soon I guess. Oh, and don’t worry, I didn’t mind getting a call telling me that I need all the furniture out of my house the night before they came. Just freaking get me to my own apartment already where I can live with my own personal mover. 😉 Sheesh.

– Playing cards for hours at our favorite hookah lounge with the dynamic double date group: me, Laura, Clint, and Cody. It was my first positive experience playing cards. This could be due to the fact that I won most of the time. For this reason, I have agreed to continue this tradition on Monday nights.. a decision I may rebuke the first time I lose miserably.

-Tomorrow I’m getting my wedding dress altered, and hopefully picking up my veil. I’ve been becoming increasingly stressed over this whole wedding thing, so any tid bits of excitement help.

-This weekend is wedding weekend with everything from a lingerie shower to picking out the perfect bow ties for the boys. (both of which I’m fairly excited about)

-I’ve been obsessed with Architecture Digest lately, and have been scanning all of their interviews for different designers that inspire/direct me. I also looked into Parson’s graduate degrees in architecture and interior design. Maybe I’ll be packing up my bags for New York some day. I would love to get a degree from one of the most well-known design schools in the world. Oh, to dream big.

-That is all. It’s time for lunch, and I don’t keep my stomach waiting.

on to low quality pictures about my crafty life

I just love the feeling of finishing a project. It’s like the feeling of finishing a race or a long book. I just have a sense of well-being when I know I have put work and dedication into making something beautiful. This may be why I spent hours making my save-the-dates, to my mother’s confusion, instead of just buying them at the store and slapping an American flag stamp on it. I’m still happy about the completion of my doily lamp. I took a few pictures, but they’re just Iphone quality.. deal with it for a second.


My goal is to make a few more for the wedding. They’re precious in person.


And there’s nothing quite as exciting as making it onto the front cover of your university’s hand outs, even if you’re only about  pinky size.

I need a fleet of Marthas.

My pit and my peach of this week, so far, is as follows..

Peach: My doily lamp was a success, even if I was the most impatient person alive and popped the balloon before it was completely dry on the bottom and had to use super glue and a blow drying to cover up the evidence. It’s beautiful though. I’ll post pictures soon.

Pit: I have lost my planner. AKA, my entire encylopedia of wedding plan dates (ex: first look, alterations, hair appointment), phone numbers, and addresses. I feel like my world has fallen apart without it, and since Thursday I have continually felt that I must be forgetting to be somewhere without my moleskin telling me what I’m supposed to do with my life. WAHHHH.

Anyways:  I’m gonna need my bridesmaids to get cracking on making these cute lil thangs.

I also wish it weren’t so hot so that I could do something fun and outdoorsy without killing myself. The older I get, the less Texan I become.

10am on a Thursday, sippin on some Clear American.

I just read one of my good friend’s blog about his travels for his summer internship. I feel like, although I find great enjoyment out of my day to day life, it is hard to keep a blog when you don’t have any epic traveling experiences to muse about. I’m just craving to get lost in a foreign city (which wouldn’t be too challenging, since I have barely breached outside of Texas). But alas, I will trek on, attempting to amuse you with my daily Texan happenings.

Work has been… work. I am growing increasingly thankful for my employment as I see many of my friends unable to a job at all, borrowing thousands of dollars from their parents to pay rent. Although typing at a computer isn’t what I want to do for the best part of the summer days, I am able to financially support myself, and for that, I am very grateful.

Now, it would be a long stretch to say that I am financially sound , though. So, when approached with the reality that Clint and I have little, to no, furniture for our new apartment that we will be moving into in August, I pulled my deal hunting guns out. Clint, being the creative motivator of our group of two, decided to implement specific job titles for our up and coming marriage. He decided to dub me “head move in coordinator”, which, when said, is much like a tone used to get a puppy to run over to you, or to get a baby to smile. His tactic worked, and I puffed my chest up in head move in coordinator pride, picturing myself directing in where everything was going to go, and having the whole place decorated, homey, and guest-ready within the week. Well, I soon found out that “head move-in coordinator” was Clint’s clever way of saying that I was financially in charge of providing the furniture and decorations for the new house. That rascal. So I have been assuming the duties of my office, and finding us (well, me.. really) deals. Craig’s List still had my wallet feeling down, and, honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about meeting up with people I don’t know. Lucky for me, everyone and their mothers have been evacuating their townhomes and apartments for the summer, and the couch that their dad gave to them to take to college isn’t gonna cut it for the new room mates’ color scheme, and out it goes to the curb. I got a really nice (and wonderfully comfy) beige couch that someone had planned on throwing away, and with the help of some of my guy friends, it is now in 7D. Bingo. As for a coffee table, I found a large, antique window (rustic, white painted wood with several glass planes) at a garage sale that I will be putting on swirly iron table holders. We also have my parent’s old juke box that we’re super pumped about. I’m still scrounging for desks, but hopefully fate will bring me a deal, as it so faithfully does.

Things with the wedding have been crazier than ever.  I’m getting married NEXT. MONTH.  Can you believe it? I can’t. But I’m pumped. I have currently been making the save-the-dates to send to the family, which are very time-consuming, but I wanted them so bad to have a homemade feel to fit in with the rustic, homey feel of the wedding. I just want everything to be meaningful and warm, not a production. I hope that people can come to my wedding to enjoy themselves, have a cupcake, and share in the love that Clint and I want to show each other on this day. By inviting only the people that have specifically played a role in nurturing and caring for me or Clint (whether individually or as a couple) will really make this event special. The guest list is only 65 people, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In other exciting news, I just got recruited to play on an Ultimate Frisbee team, classily named the “disc lickers”, that will be playing in a tournament on Galveston beach for a whole weekend later this month. It’s a coed team that both Clint and some of our friends will be on, and I am in charge of designing the tank top that our team will be wearing (though, I have a strong feeling that no one will want to be wearing anything other than a bathing suit on the beach).

So, I stumbled upon this gem of a craft that I absolutely HAVE to make: a doily lamp. Okay, don’t curl your lip just yet.. look at the picutures below and tell me that you don’t think that’s just splendid. I have decided that I can’t consider myself a hippy without personally making one myself. I have searched high and low for affordable cloth doilys (who knew that they were so expensive!) but I found some at a store called Benjamin Franklins that I am told resembles the oldtime “five and dive” stores. I’m not even sure I know what that even means, but if it provides me with doilys, I like it. I had them put some on hold, and hopefully I can start project doily this weekend.




How awesome are those patterns it casts on the walls

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Thank you for reading.

XOXO, Kenny.


I love these wedding colors. So bright and happy.

Speaking of weddings, here is what’s in the works:

I’m so happy to have my venue finally picked out and solidified. SO. HAPPY. I’ve been really stressed out over this whole process and that was the biggest weight on my shoulders. I’m finally excited and ready.

Clint and I have been going to premarital counciling. I was pretty nervous about this before we started. I was just so ready to answer some question wrong and be told that we were the worst couple ever and shouldn’t get married. To our surprise, after taking some lengthy tests, Father Gary (the guy marrying us/my dad’s bestie) informed us that we added up to be the most compatible couple he has ever counciled. YAY! Maybe we’ll make it after all! 😉 Now about that snoring problem though…

Some of my friends have a wedding shower and bachlorette party in the mix, and right when I’m thinking that it’s pretty far out to be planning something like that, I flip only a few pages into my planner beforeI am blatantly greeted by “THE BIG DAY” boldly scribbled and circled on that Saturday box. Wow. 4 months. Crunch time.

Now it’s time to look for the perfect pair of shoes to wear. A pair of flats, definitely, so I don’t look my groom eye to eye. For some reason, I feel like a pair of wedding shoes are just as important as the dress. They don’t have to be expensive, but I want them to be carefully decided on.

We have our apartment in Austin. It’s a two-bedroom apartment that’s small and cozy with a fire place. For some reason, this is my favorite detail, and I always manage to slip it in that we get a fireplace within the first few sentences of telling someone about my future life. “Ya, we’re getting married July 30th… and then we get a FIRE PLACE!” It is on the 3rd floor and over looks a heavily wooded canyon, and a balcony that juts right out into it. That’s what I love about Austin. We’re 5 minutes from down town, and we still get to live on the edge of a canyon. I regularly fanatisize about having a cup of hot tea out on that balcony. Mmm.

And flowers, SHEESH. I’d sooner pick dandelions than pay half my budget on the basic floral needs of a wedding. At least they would match the color scheme?

 I used to think that people were always really excited about your wedding when got engaged, but they aren’t, so I’ll spare you all the tedious details.  But all I’m saying is, I’m super excited about becoming a Hanna.

spring break

The president of my sorority/my roomate turned 22, and we went out to a lovely restraunt to celebrate.

Me and a few of my roommates.

For Spring Break, Clint and I spent a few days in Austin. We just missed it too much.


I may or may not be addicted to guns after this experience. No one is safe now.




Recent happenings:

– Currently cleaning out my closet. Spring cleaning has a whole new meaning when it comes to my room. Oops.

– Clint and I signed for our new apartment that we will be moving into in August. It’s a 2 bedroom apt in a cute little woodsy area. It has a balcony that overlooks a canyon in Austin, and we even have a fire place! (Not that we’d even really need it, but it’s exciting just the same.)

– We have our venue for the wedding, and we’re just solidifying the details on decorations. Dress, photographer, and venue down. YES.

– Only 1 1/2 months left of school. It just flew by this semester.