art and interview by bianca green.

your world 600x320 Artist on the Rise   Interviewing Bianca Green

air balloon 600x751 Artist on the Rise   Interviewing Bianca Green

instant picture 600x454 Artist on the Rise   Interviewing Bianca Green

louis a 600x369 Artist on the Rise   Interviewing Bianca Green

hawk 600x417 Artist on the Rise   Interviewing Bianca Green

write 600x666 Artist on the Rise   Interviewing Bianca Green

“Seeing Sound” by Bianca Green

french gift Artist on the Rise   Interviewing Bianca Green

Here is an interview I found with Bianca Green that I found interesting/inspiring. Enjoy!

Travelettes: What got you in to art?
Bianca Green: I have always been doodling, collaging, painting.. since I can remember. I just never considered that being art.

T: How is travelling part of your life?
BG: I never had planned to travel as much as I do. It just happened to be that way and I am very thankful for that. And it does become a little addictive. Once I’m at one place for too long, I feel like getting on a plane.

T: How does your current home influence your art?
BG: Currently I am living in Uruguay, South America. When I moved out here one year ago, I had no idea what to expect. It was the best thing I’ve done in a long time. I found peace, nature, colors and a lot of time to create and get my work out there. It all started here so I will forever be thankful.

T: Where do you find your inspiration?
BG: Traveling, beautiful places and cities, food, music, people…just about anything and everything can inspire an idea and create an image in my brain.

T: Where is home?
BG: Home is wherever my bed is.

T: What is your favourite piece and what is so special about it?
BG: I don’t have a favorite. I have strong and different relationships with every piece I’ve made. But after I created the world map “LOUIS ARMSTRONG TOLD US SO,” many doors have opened for me. So I am very thankful and happy about that one.

T: What art-related advice would you give other girls who travel?
BG: Any trip you take, let it be far away or the city next to yours, it will show you new things. While you travel, soak in as much as you can. You could find inspiration in everything you see. A dress, plate, front door, wall color, landscape – even in a hairdo. Have your camera prepared, but also don’t forget to see with your own eyes.

T: What does your workplace look like?
BG: I mostly sit in the living room, at the dining table. Behind me is this antique furniture that I found in an auction house and painted myself. Her name is “Queen Elizabeth II” because she is old and majestic, and yet so graceful and charming. Because of her I also bought four antique chairs that are beautiful, but not that comfortable.

T: Who is your role model?
BG: My Father. He was an incredible artist and lived by his rules. He created unique and one of a kind things, made music, was into filming, enjoyed good food and loved to travel. I am my Father’s daughter (

T: What are your plans for the future?
BG: Travel as much as I can. Africa is on top of my long list. Keep creating and exploring. Endless opportunities. Life is good!

Check out her other art here.

xoxo, k.

I likey.

I have been criticized by art professors for being too “cute” with my art. But I enjoy things that make me smile. Call me emotionless because I don’t like to paint skulls of blood and bats, but I like to look at things that make this dark world a little happier.

I will post about our “May the Fourth be with you” party we had last weekend soon. It was quite the time.

xoxo, k.

then, i decided to paint something.

I wanted to paint something that would be simple and bright to put on my new crates, so with a glass of wine, a few episodes of the Office, several tubes of paint, and absolutely no clue what I wanted to paint… this is what ended up coming together.



I’m pretty crazy about this color scheme right now, so I like it. It also matches my bouquet of  flowers (which is actually my wedding bouquet that my parents dried out for me… isn’t that cute?!)

You should go paint something. Who cares if it sucks? It’s so liberating. Plus, you can get a frame like this at Ikea for only $15 and put it up for all to see.


xoxo, k.



work space

Home offices are one of those things that can be easily over-looked, over-crowded, and under-decorated. For most creative people, this is where their greatest work comes from (second being on the couch with a burning hot laptop on your legs), yet most offices are just thrown together. Well, I want to be more intentional with my next office. My office now (shared with Clint), is full of paints, paper, chords, unfinished projects, and chick fil a cups. With no real organization or theme, it can really dampen the inspiration. So here are some pictures that I am currently musing over:

To check out the rest of the offices that I compiled together, you can look here. (And repin them if you’re a pintrest typa’ gal.)

xoxo, k.