The ladder of the two.

For more closet inspiration… Err… outside of the closet.. Here is a great DIY for you to try out. I think it would be pretty awesome on a wall to organize and display what you’ll be wearing in the upcoming days.


And can I just be a nerd for a second and be excited about how I posted this from my new iPad?!?

Mexico was a dream. I’ll post pictures later. since I still have yet to manage to unpack.
Xoxo, k.

make your closet even more beautiful.

This paint is Montana Gold spray paint in “Blood Orange”.
How great are these? I love cheap projects that make your home that much more beautiful in the small details.
Now I’m off to finish designing a billboard and then end the day with some girl time by the pool with my best friends. Summer, never go away.
xoxo, k.