dining room makeover.

When I was living in Austin, and in my first place, I was at garage sales every weekend. It was the only feasible way Clint and I could furnish our home on our newly married budget. With this came all kinds of trash that I made into treasure. One of these things being an old headboard that I made into a shelf, of sorts. I promised it a new paint job. Well.. Austin came and went and the unpainted headboard came with us to Houston. I sat it against a wall in the dining room, and after 6 months, it hadn’t moved- only collected random objects.

For Christmas, my parents gave me a beautiful wine rack. When the headboard/shelf could hardly support the wine, I decided it was time to let go of my $5 treasure and invest in something new.

Here’s what I came up with:






Now our new wine cooler, rack, tumbler and set of wine/cocktail glasses have a home. (And one that doesn’t blend in to the color of the wall!)

Side note: Clint has been out of town, so I put this together all by myself. I feel a little overly proud of that.

Now to a weekend of friends coming over so that I can test this baby out.

xoxo, k.

make your closet even more beautiful.

This paint is Montana Gold spray paint in “Blood Orange”.
How great are these? I love cheap projects that make your home that much more beautiful in the small details.
Now I’m off to finish designing a billboard and then end the day with some girl time by the pool with my best friends. Summer, never go away.
xoxo, k.

lamp shade face lift.

I have a lamp that definitely needs a face lift. My first mistake was walking into Anthropologie. $250 for a LAMP SHADE? Well, after that, I was on the hunt for a DIY option for my poor, ugly lamp.

I’ve been seeing a trending theme of music sheets being used as a lamp shade cover. Clever… but not enough to spark my interests. Then I found this lamp. With some simple yarn and cloth flowers (which are insanely easy to make… and CHEAP), this lamp looks almost identical one I saw at Anthropologie. 

Something to consider, for sure. 


xoxo, k. 

DIY polka dot journal.

I’m in love with journals. Blank pages get me excited. So, I stole this DIY from one of my favorite blogs, and wanted to share it with you guys. I think they would make wonderful gifts.

Photo Dot Journal

Photo Dot Journal StepsSupplies Needed: Journal (ours was provided by Miro), photos you don’t mind cutting up (magazine pages work great too), scissors and glue. 1. Use a small bottle cap to trace circles on your photos and cut them out. 2. Use glue to adhere photos all over the front of your journal. Be sure to leave some circles hanging off the edges. Allow to dry completely and repeat this step on the back cover. 3. Trim circles along the edge of the cover. 4. Use washi tape (ours was provided by Freckled Fawn) to create a cute spine for your journal. Enjoy your new book!

Photo Dot Journal ProjectPhoto Dot Journal DIY

xoxo, k.

then, i decided to paint something.

I wanted to paint something that would be simple and bright to put on my new crates, so with a glass of wine, a few episodes of the Office, several tubes of paint, and absolutely no clue what I wanted to paint… this is what ended up coming together.



I’m pretty crazy about this color scheme right now, so I like it. It also matches my bouquet of  flowers (which is actually my wedding bouquet that my parents dried out for me… isn’t that cute?!)

You should go paint something. Who cares if it sucks? It’s so liberating. Plus, you can get a frame like this at Ikea for only $15 and put it up for all to see.


xoxo, k.



i don’t need kate spade to make my feet pop

I’ll be the first to admit- I am in love with Kate Spade’s new line of nude shoes with neon tips. But if you, like myself, don’t have $250 to drop on a pair of flats that are going to be out of season after 3 wears, you may find this DIY tutorial worth checking out.
neon shoe DIY


• Nude Patent Pumps – These are from DSW for $40, but here is a great pair for $34 from Steve Madden that would also work great
• Pink Fluorescent Neon Spray Paint or even better Floral Spray (color even less likely to chip!)
• Packing Tape
• Old Towels (to protect your shoes when you spray)


Tape Shoes. First you’ll want to tape your shoes. The area you don’t tape is where the color will be. I taped the rubber sole also because I wanted to get a nice, clean finish. You don’t have to tape the inside of your shoes, since we will cover them with an old towel.


Next cover the shoes. Take them outside and spray 2-3 coats on the shoes (don’t use more than 3 coats as the layers of paint are too much and will most likely start to chip). Then spray the color with a sealer to protect and so it won’t chip. This one works well.


pink and yellow neon shoes DIY

pink toe neon shoes DIY

If any of you try this, let me know how it goes!

xoxo, k.

loft lusting

Design Sponge is one of my ultimate go-to’s for everything from DIY to interiors. Here is a loft they recently featured that has got me all google-eyed.

How wonderful is that home? It makes me want a home with a brick wall and wood floors. (Why is there even CARPET anymore?! ahhh!!!) I love the way they took everyday objects and made them come together into a creative, welcome home. It makes me want to brew up some coffee, grab my laptop, and settle right in.

To check out the story behind this house, click here.

Happy monday.

xoxo, k.