creative cocktail hour.

There have been several events over the past year that have really changed my heart on the matter of community. I have always been social, but since moving to Houston, I have recognized the true importance of humans coming together. To understand each other. And support each other. To let someone else know you’re just as weird as they are.

And at the same time I began recognizing the importance of this was about the time that I realized that everyone is terrified of community. You get older and this world becomes a place that’s not safe for your story to be told. So we hide behind our jobs and our computer screens because it’s safer than saying “this is me”.

I am strange bird. But I remember going to Circles Conference last September and feeling truly understood in those weird spaces of my brain that make me want to create things. We were all made of the same stuff and we were all strange birds together.

Since then, I have set out to intentionally connect with strangers that I think might be a little like me. I am floored by the amazing people I’ve been able to meet through social media. Like Maggie from Type and Title, a branding wizard, who I met up with in California (more on this creative fireball next week). Aric Queen, a writer for National Geographic (who has an inspiringly raw book out called Shanghai Exile Diaries that you should NEED to read). He helped me with my travels through Europe in a way that was so completely touching. Sam Melton who shoots film for West Elm and really encouraged me in quest for connecting people. Rebecca Rebouche, a woman after my own heart- a designer for Anthropologie and one HELL of an artist. Seriously, check out her stuff.

To call these people friends now is an honor. And makes the world feel like a lot cooler of a place.

Anyone who has lived in Houston knows that it’s not a place where creatives jump out at you. It’s a big ole’ industrial melting pot where artists are a little more underground. So I set out to connect these individuals. I called up a friend in Houston and told her I wanted to host a meet up for all the various photographers, designers, painters, sculptors, writers, and filter obsessed people in the area.

So with the help of a new friend, Edi (find him on @htx_), I rounded up a bunch of people and asked them to email me if they’d like to all grab some drinks and share stories.

Here’s where I am going to be honest. I was pretty scared it was going to be a huge flop and I was going to be the idiot with the idea of herding strangers on instagram. And then 30 freaking awesome people came.

Well shit- now they’re actually here. And I’m trying to pretend I’m not a nervous wreck. And then the coolest thing happened. People started thanking me for coming- saying that it was such a big deal for them to come to something like this. “WAIT- YOU’RE NERVOUS TOO?!” And then in that moment I was overcome with the “okayness” of it all. Why are we so scared to be with other people- to just show up? Here I am surrounded by some of the most beautiful minds and getting blessed on by their inspiration and unique stories. People are just people. And when we decide to “show up”, our days are so much richer for it.

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So thank you to every single one of you who went out of your way to come out and spend the night photographing, wearing your hats, having some cocktails, and being brave enough to show up. Yay to a new Houston creative community.

XO, K.





So this month has gone by in a blur of activities. The times that I happen to have my camera on me are really special, because by capturing the moment, it’s almost like time stops for a bit. As if me and that second of time have a private meeting to discuss the beauty of what’s happening.

In this week of moments:

1. Clint took me on a date to Saint Arnold’s brewery. Where I learned

  •       St. Arnold’s is the largest craft beer brewery in Texas
  •       every last drop of this beer is made in Houston
  •       they have produced the unthinkable- a dark beer that I love! (Santos)


DSC_0062 IMG_3887DSC_0055 DSC_0047


2. Down House- brunching with a bestie.

When Maddie and I met, we had been uprooted from our hometowns and had decided that Houston pretty much sucked. So we decided to search out any places that would give us a glimmer of hope that Houston could turn around for us. Over the last half year, we have found some pretty great little gems. Today’s adventure was to a restaurant called Down House. It’s a quirky little coffee bar with a great menu and a MEAN bloody mary (complete with a chicken wing on top). After we devoured our gouda grilled cheese sandwich and burger, we went across the street to an antique shop. I happened to find an AWESOME 1920’s style couch. And after haggling him way down (compliments of my childhood experiences at garage sales), it is now mine. I’ll post pictures once it’s delivered tomorrow. I’m ppppppppreeeeeetttttyyyyy stoked.


DSC_0121 DSC_0129 DSC_0109 DSC_0107 DSC_0126


3. I painted this yesterday. It’s my first 36×48 canvas. I’m telling you, there is nothing more stress relieving than to sit down for a few hours with some good music and coffee and paint something random.



4. Last, but definitely not least… it’s me and Clint’s second anniversary today.  I can’t believe that two years ago I married the most selfless, ambitious, loving, and down right handsome man that I’ve ever met. And I come home from lunch to flowers he left work to sneak in while I was gone. Heart. Melting.

Now off to a night of sushi and kicking off our 3rd year of marriage.
DSC_0116 DSC_0100



LOTS of exciting things coming up for August, I can hardly sit still. I’m excited to share them with you, but for now, I have a hot husband to dine with.


XO, K.

when a girl has some questions.

I get straight giddy over interior design. It is a field that I am actively attempting to understand. It intrigues me because learning design is like getting to know someone. You have to feel it out and learn the quirks and traits that make it come together. There is no formula you can learn that “works”, like math or science. You have train your eyes and season your gut. As a lover of good design, well crafted furniture and small shops, I have been seeking out designers and shop owners in Houston to get some insight on their take of aesthetics.

Over the last week, I have gone to several different antique/interior design shops and spoken to their owners and designers about what it is that drove them to get their own creative space, what inspires them, and what the steps are to becoming a well known designer. Most of the men and women who worked in these places were very generous with their time and knowledge- excited to have found someone who was interested in their craft. I was thankful for this, as all I did was waltz in, slinging my Nikon around my neck, and request a meeting.

The shops were so inspiring to me. I wish I could pretend that I was cool about the whole thing, but I was almost keeled over with butterflies that these designers were taking the time to talk to me and letting me photograph.





DSC_0529One of the shops I went to even produces it’s own magazine with history of furniture and design from around the world. They let me have a copy and that occupied my afternoon as I was coming down from my interior design high.

Other exciting ideas are coming in the works soon and I can hardly wait to share.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, k.



four great things.

Here are a few things that made the month of January special, that I happened to catch with my camera.

art1*One: My best friend, Corie, came to visit me for a weekend. We never stopped laughing… or eating. Corie is one of those gems of a friend that is always down for a new experience- no matter what it entails. This quality we share never fails to get us in trouble and, consequently, provides the best stories. This particular weekend had us galavanting through Houston, singing at random Karaoke establishments, making friends with strangers, and making sure we ate everything the city had to offer.






Two: Clint and I went to visit my family for my younger brother’s birthday. I can’t believe how old they are getting. And they both tower at least 6 inches over me.

I was also able to visit my grandmother, Mimi. We had lunch and talked about anything and everything. I always feel so blessed to have her cheerful encouragement in my life. She always tells me that I give her hope in the current state of the world, but in reality, she gives me hope in myself.






Three: This last time Clint was home, we were able to experience lots of peaches. (Clint and I describe the good things in life as peaches and the bad as pits.)

1. After months and months of searching, we found a church that we both love. This is a hugely exciting thing to us, since we have been craving a Christian community- and between me going to church on my own when he was gone, and us not “clicking” with a church when he was here, it was a frustrating roller coaster.

2. I applied for my dream job. I honestly believed I had no chance at getting it, but after several rounds of interviews, I got a call offering me the position! I am still completely blown away and insanely excited. Starting tomorrow (ah!) I will be helping with the design of Free People stores. I will help plan events, pick what goes on manequins, style customers, and help design the inside of the store… the perfect collision of everything I love into one job description.




Above: Me in my favorite little nook of the house. The coffee table is an old war trunk and we found that killer wingback chair at an estate sale when we first moved to Houston.

And below: Clint and I went to several different museums over the two weeks he was home. It was so funny to see my grown husband get all giddy for the dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Science- and then he completely geeked out over the natural gas exhibit like the engineer he is. I love him.






Home: I went to Canton last weekend, and found this awesome iron canopy. I decided to attach it to an old window frame (that came from a barn in Austin), to keep from having to drill any huge holes in the wall. Then I went to World Market and got some sheer curtains that I could tie on. Then I put a chandelier inside, and voila!



DSC_0153For the vase, I took a mason jar and sprayed mercury paint (you can find it at Hobby Lobby) inside so that it looks silver/a mirror finish.






Four: I have a thing for instant cameras. My most recent addition to the collection is Fujifilm’s instax 210. This guy is a wide shot camera, producing pictures about 3 times as large as the popular 7s. Definitely too large to casually carry around, but the pictures are easier to see and the camera provides alot more control over your results than the 7s (lightening/darkening options, different zoom lengths, ect)

I am also excited about this year’s planner from Kate Spade. Each month is sectioned off by beautiful pictures and fun quotes.


Off to my first day of my new job tomorrow. Wish me luck.

xoxo, k.