a new face.

Hello there.

As you can tell, the blog got a bit of a face lift overnight. And by overnight, I mean that I am still up at 3am trying to figure out how in the hades to get this whole code situation sorted out. Word Press is making it increasingly difficult for me to pretend that I am a blogger who knows what she’s doing. So be distracted by my words and pictures until I figure out the art of getting an Instagram icon into the side bar and/or a decent header. Hats off to all of you code artists out there.

Now on to something I can conquer: Gift wrapping.

I am not going to pretend that I am good at giving gifts. I’m absolutely not. I am not the friend who is going to remember your birthday. And I feel bad about that… I do. Butttttt I am trying to get better. With so many weddings, graduations, and other summery celebratory situations, I have been exercising my gift giving muscle. As I get older, I am beginning to realize that a well thought out gift can be the water that keeps a friendship from drying up. When life gets busy and you don’t have time to catch dinner or call more than once a week (if you’re lucky), a well thought out present can be a tangible token of loyalty and love until things calm down a bit.





For any of you gift givers out there, here are a few of my gifting favorites that are sure to please: {pictured above}

Rifle Paper Company anything. They have wonderful vintage inspired paper goods that are all so cute and useful.

Donna Hay cookbook. This is coffee table material, folks. Beyond the mouth watering recipes, the layouts and photography are gorgeous. She also divides the dishes by what ingredients are in season so that you have the freshest meals (and impressed guests).

Ravens Wood Wine: My parents actually gave me this Zinfandel as part of a Christmas gift, and I loved it so much that I decided to spread the wealth. Definitely a good wine for your buck.

In other news: Today was one of the most wonderful days I’ve had in a while (!!!). I’ll update you more on that tomorrow. This coding mess has got me all kinds of sleep deprived tonight.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

xoxo, k.

sneak peek into my home office.

Moving pretty much just sucks. And as much as I love interior decoration, it can definitely be a struggle to find time to decorate and redesign with the normal everyday responsibilities keeping you busy (and having an everyday budget to work with!). When Clint and I moved into our new home, we were thrilled. Mainly because it had a reliable hot water source and ceiling fans in every room… luxuries that we didn’t have at our old place. But along with warm showers also came more space. Over DOUBLE the space. While this has been more wonderful than I can say, it also posed the problem of filling the space. I like my house to be nice and homey (read: knick-knacky and crowded), so with a small budget and a big home, I was up for a challenge. But if deal hunting were an Olympic sport, I sure would have won a gold for America.

One of my favorite things about our home is that I get to have my own office. I work from home alot. From graphic design, to the blogging world, to my endless list of art projects I am working on, it’s an absolute blessing to have my own space to create and… well.. completely mess up with acrylic paint.

First step: get rid of the beige walls. Carpet and beige walls are the death of me, and so I did what any girl on a low budget could do in this situation: PAINT EVERYTHING.

I painted the walls first in a very light blue. This was an adventure that I (the ADD child) stupidly brilliantly decided was a good project to begin at 1am one night and didn’t sleep until it was completely finished… the next day at 6pm. I also gave my dresser, that was formerly lime green (don’t judge my 7th grade taste), a face lift with a new coat of coral paint and new pulls.

I am far from done, but here is a sneak peak into my creative space.

This is a picture of my office before: a week after we had moved in.

And now:

I bought these old spools from a flea market stand that was selling various industrial supplies from an old factory.

I frame various things. My favorite thing to do is frame things that are typically not framed.

The top left picture is a print on top of a piece of tapestry that I received as a wedding present.

Top right is something I tore out of a book.

Bottom left is a piece of tissue paper that was wrapped around some stationary I bought from Kate Spade. I fell in love with the pattern and the color matched perfectly with the dresser it’s hanging over!

Tip: Even when you have a small gallery of pictures that are framed, don’t be afraid to just tape something that you love with them. It adds some character! I took the polaroid of Clint at a Star Wars watching party we had, and wanted to hang it somewhere. I used some patterned washi tape to hold it up. I use patterned tape on EVERYTHING. You can find all kinds on Etsy and Amazon, if you’re interested.

I like finding little places in our home to inspire me. I taped this picture on the inside of my office door so it’s the last thing I see before I walk out of my creative space and into the world.

I needed to find a way to keep my obsession with stationary organized. I bought this wooden box from Hobby Lobby, and painted “cards” on it with some stencils. I keep my favorite letters from people, cards that I have made, and random stationary/post cards that I have picked up over time.

This bookshelf is made from some vintage folding crates. It’s the perfect size to hold some of my design favorites and keep my sketch books, journals, and work notebooks together.

I get a lot of questions about where I bought my lamp from and they are always surprised at my answer: target. I bought it as a empty glass and filled it with painted driftwood. I put a burlap lamp shade on it to give it a warm glow, and it lights up the wood beautifully!

This vase single handedly inspired the color scheme of my office. I loved the coral and light blue together: hence my blue walls and coral dresser. The vase is from Anthropologie and then I took some branches from outside and wound them with yarn. For the tutorial I did over this: check here.

I love having a big empty frame to hang up little bits of what is currently inspiring me. I bought it from a boutique. It was actually used to display some hanging clothes, and I asked the owner if I could buy the frame from her since I loved it so much. I finally convinced her into letting me buy it and now it’s one of my favorite pieces in my office!

I am now moving on to the living room, but will keep you posted with more before and afters.

I’m off to Mexico tomorrow for the next week with my man, so it’s off to my to-do list that is a mile long. Including getting waxed for the first time. Ouch.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Leave me love. ❤

XOXO, k.

5 random facts about my life, as of lately.

1. I’m moving to Houston in a matter of weeks. This change is exciting, but has stemmed a lot of anxiety. I have never been one for change. Funny, since I have made some pretty stinkin huge life changing decisions in the last few years. But I guess I know that about myself. If I sit somewhere for too long, I get bored and uncreative. So I have to slap myself upside the face with huge change to keep me on my toes, and continually growing. Sometimes I love myself for doing this. And sometimes I’m my own biggest enemy, and I just want to tell my wandering spirit to kindly shut up, and go away.

2. I am supposed to be packing. But in the midst of all the cleaning, decluttering, and organizing… I have found things I have forgotten about. These little gems have spawned whole crafting projects, redecorating sections of the house, and reading old books and letters for hours on end while sitting between the “maybe” pile and “why did I ever own this?” pile. I’m thankful I’m going to have professional movers, or else my lease might end with me nailing paintings (that I just created on a creative/decluttering whim) to the walls.

3. I have been working out a lot more lately. But “a lot more” has room for interpretation since before “a lot more” was… nothing. But with extra time on my hands this summer, I decided to sign up for a fitness boot camp called Camp Gladiator. Although I have never done a cross fit camp, that is what many people compare it to. All I know is, it kicks my boo-hiney. It’s outdoors with a group of about 10-20 other people. I go a few times a week, and then run on my days off. I can’t remember the last time my body wasn’t  soar, but I’ve been really seeing my work being paid off with a visit from my long lost abs. Other than last week, when I thought it was a grand idea to go to the 12pm class at the height of summer’s hellish temperatures (and then proceeded to vomit twice behind a tree, whilst being instructed to finish my sprints and lunges), it’s been a great experience.

4. I dream about getting a dog. No, I literally dream about getting a dog. Most nights I wake up mid-dream about some wonderful pup that will be mine once I move to Houston. Some nights it’s a shnoodle, some nights it’s a golden retriever, but I’m always on the verge of tears in happiness that I have the privilege of owning it. I’m obsessed. I seriously make more dog friends out than I do humans. I’ve come dangerously close to adopting a number of dogs while Clint has been in Africa, but it always ends up with him getting upset that I’ve picked one out without him. That’s what you get when you go to Africa without me. What?

5. I’m in the market for a new camera. I’m in no rush (surprisingly). I just want to hear around for recommendations and save up for the one that’ll be best for me. Me and my camera are best friends, and we go everywhere together. I find that I almost live life through pictures. As if I didn’t capture the moment, it didn’t happen. There’s just something about the way I connect to a time and place through the familiar weight of my camera in my hands, and the light clicking of the shutter that marks my place in time. I bought my first SLR (Nikon 3000) for a college photography class, and had no idea what that class would creatively spark inside of me. It was my love for photography that ultimately led me to graphic design. And now that I have a big girl job that combines both of my loves (photography and graphic design) , I’m hoping to graduate to a more professional camera. If you camera lovers have any suggestions on a particular body you’ve fallen in love with, please let me know.


Well children, I’m off to some old black and white films on TCM until I fall asleep… and dream about dogs.

Sleep tight readers.

xoxo, k.