work perks.


My first week of work isn’t over and I’m already reaping the benefits of working at an ever changing brand that happens to have my taste.

We are currently breaking down one of the stores to be able to restyle everything on Sunday. Because of this, everything has to go. Lucky for me, this means free home decoration.


These trees were a winter design. They broke apart into the individual branches so I was able to fit it in my car, but the downside was it took forever to gem them untangled and put back together. But I am excited to have them in my office.


treeI also got this jewelry holder. This would be pretty simple to make yourself, but it’s always nice to get a finished project.


DSC_0247I was up at 4:45am for work this morning, so I’m hitting the sack. Thanks for reading!!

xo, k.

more love letters, please.

Handwritten cards and letters are something that I cherish, but an act that has definitely fallen off of our society’s to-do list. It’s a shame, because I think it is one of the best ways to encourage, sooth, and love someone. It is a tangible conversation frozen in time. I often write letters to my friends who are going through a hard time, or just need to know they are valued. So when I found out about a way to help encourage complete strangers with a few handwritten words, I was filled with joy and excitement… and couldn’t keep this amazing opportunity to myself.

More Love Letters is an organization that provides a way for people going through a hard time to receive letters from people all across the world- whom they have never even met. They send out a list every month of people (who have been sent in from their friends/family) who are in particular need of encouragement. You can read their stories, and write letters to them. More Love Letters sends all these letters in bulk to the recipients who have no idea they are coming. What a beautiful touch of humanity. Can you imagine your best friend getting in a car wreck or being diagnosed with some life-threatening disease and having hundreds of letters show up to your door one day from complete strangers offering their love and support?

For the cost of a stamp and 3 minutes of writing, you could completely change a stranger’s life. Please consider joining this wonderful organization.

I just got finished writing a few today:

Here is their blog, where you can keep up with the current missions and news.

And here is their website.

xoxo, k.

make your closet even more beautiful.

This paint is Montana Gold spray paint in “Blood Orange”.
How great are these? I love cheap projects that make your home that much more beautiful in the small details.
Now I’m off to finish designing a billboard and then end the day with some girl time by the pool with my best friends. Summer, never go away.
xoxo, k.

lamp shade face lift.

I have a lamp that definitely needs a face lift. My first mistake was walking into Anthropologie. $250 for a LAMP SHADE? Well, after that, I was on the hunt for a DIY option for my poor, ugly lamp.

I’ve been seeing a trending theme of music sheets being used as a lamp shade cover. Clever… but not enough to spark my interests. Then I found this lamp. With some simple yarn and cloth flowers (which are insanely easy to make… and CHEAP), this lamp looks almost identical one I saw at Anthropologie. 

Something to consider, for sure. 


xoxo, k. 

DIY polka dot journal.

I’m in love with journals. Blank pages get me excited. So, I stole this DIY from one of my favorite blogs, and wanted to share it with you guys. I think they would make wonderful gifts.

Photo Dot Journal

Photo Dot Journal StepsSupplies Needed: Journal (ours was provided by Miro), photos you don’t mind cutting up (magazine pages work great too), scissors and glue. 1. Use a small bottle cap to trace circles on your photos and cut them out. 2. Use glue to adhere photos all over the front of your journal. Be sure to leave some circles hanging off the edges. Allow to dry completely and repeat this step on the back cover. 3. Trim circles along the edge of the cover. 4. Use washi tape (ours was provided by Freckled Fawn) to create a cute spine for your journal. Enjoy your new book!

Photo Dot Journal ProjectPhoto Dot Journal DIY

xoxo, k.

DIY necklace display.

As a chronic renter I’m always reinventing ways to display my favorite things. This jewelry display idea is an easy way to show off your baubles and pretties without adding a million holes to your walls or tangling all of your chains in the process. One trip to the hardware store and you’re in business.

Jewelry display 2Step 1: You’ll need 1 panel of pine measuring 3/4″ x 20″ x 48″, a drill, a pen, primer, spray paint or latex paint in your favorite color, 1/2″ screw hooks for jewelry, 1″ screw hooks for handbags, sand paper. Step 2: Place your panel of wood on the floor and arrange your jewelry as you’d like it to hang. Be sure to space hooks about 2″ apart. Make marks where your screws will go. Step 3: Carefully drill about 1/2″ into the wood. Be sure you don’t drill through. Your board should be pre-sanded but lightly sand it again and wipe it down to be sure your paint sticks easily. Step 4: Paint a layer of white primer on the front and edges of your board and let it dry. Paint two layers of your paint color of choice and then add your screws.

Jewelry display 3Jewelry display 3The great thing about this is you can change it up as your tastes or space needs change. It’s an inexpensive project that can be knocked out in an afternoon. Those are the best kind, aren’t they?

xoxo, k.