lamp shade face lift.

I have a lamp that definitely needs a face lift. My first mistake was walking into Anthropologie. $250 for a LAMP SHADE? Well, after that, I was on the hunt for a DIY option for my poor, ugly lamp.

I’ve been seeing a trending theme of music sheets being used as a lamp shade cover. Clever… but not enough to spark my interests. Then I found this lamp. With some simple yarn and cloth flowers (which are insanely easy to make… and CHEAP), this lamp looks almost identical one I saw at Anthropologie. 

Something to consider, for sure. 


xoxo, k. 

sequin walls and glowing treats.

I really enjoy finding fun party ideas. I rarely get to put them into action, but I like to pretend that I would. But for you crafty party animals, here are a few fun ideas.

A sequin wall. This is a very inexpensive project that is perfect for a wall decoration or a photobooth background. I think it’s so festive and great, and I’ve heard the people who have tried this out in their home don’t end up wanting to take it down once the festivities are over.

Glow and the dark cotton candy. Now this is awesome. You put cotton candy on a glow stick, and you have a treat that will bring the kid out of anyone.











I think this would be so much fun. You cover each circle on a Twister board with the coordinating paint color, invite people over and tell them to dress in all white, and then pray you don’t slip.

I love this idea for wrapping presents. I bought some vintage spools of yarn not too long ago, and I would love to use this project as an excuse to test them out.

Obviously I’m feeling festive.

xoxo, k.